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and now we are going to have a party

You know, I was kind of in the dumps today, marinating in a general malaise not really caused by anything in particular. It comes on every so often, saps my energy, and makes me feel like I just want to stay home and sleep it off; lack of sleep last night probably didn't help, and neither does news like this. I also haven't gotten some good writing done in a while, and the frustration has been getting to me as well. It always passes, but never quickly.

But then today, this arrived in the mail:

and I started to feel much better.

If you haven't heard of this, it's Nicola Griffith's Lambda Award-winning memoir, And Now We Are Going to Have a Party: Liner Notes to a Writer's Early Life, published last year by Payseur & Schmidt. Two great things that go great together: Griffith is a phenomenal author (her Aud books leave me humbled by her writing prowess and wanting more; my parents gave me her novel Always last year for my birthday, but somehow, inexplicably, I've yet to read it, a problem I shall remedy soon), and P&S put together ridiculously beautiful editions of books and chapbooks.

And Now... is not just a book, but a multimedia, multisensual memoir experience,
a boxed set that includes the memoir bound in five volumes (including diary entries, photographs, poetry, and early fiction). The box also contains a facsimile of Nicola's first book (created age 4), a CD of songs by Nicola and her early-'80s punk band, Janes Plane, as well as three scratch-n-sniff cards, a fold-out poster, a letterpressed preface by Dorothy Allison, and a numbered signing sheet.

I just kept taking more and more things out of the box, like a bottomless treasure chest. Safe to say, it is one of the most beautiful book-related things I've ever seen.

I'll be reviewing And Now... for The Internet Review of Science Fiction sometime in the near future.



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Jul. 1st, 2008 02:21 am (UTC)
Doesn't this all seem rather...too much? Do we really need *anything* scratch-and-sniff from *anybody*?

Jul. 1st, 2008 03:02 am (UTC)
Maybe. But I like the idea of making a text interactive in unexpected ways, and the scratch-and-sniff cards do this.

I do, however, hope that Nicola will one day release the memoir as a more affordable edition, without all the extras. At US$75, it's out of a lot of people's price ranges.
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