Jason Erik Lundberg (jlundberg) wrote,
Jason Erik Lundberg

enter the octopus with matt staggs

Matt Staggs is a "publicist specializing in book and author publicity" and proprieter of "Deep Eight LLC, a boutique publicity agency utilizing the best publicity practices from the worlds of traditional media and evolving social technologies."

He's also an avid reader of the fantastic. Matt blogs at Enter the Octopus, and his posts almost always tend to be insightful and interesting. His daily "Bookosphere" posts assemble an unbelievable amount of links both literary and geeky, and have become required reading in my aggregator; I read a lot of blogs, but Matt just astounds me with the breadth of his accumulatory posts.

He's also been systematically conducting brief interviews with women writers of the fantastic, as a response to Jeff VanderMeer's recent post on his favorite fantasists in the short story Form. Some fascinating interviews so far, from the likes of Lydia Millet, Rachel Swirsky, Timmi Duchamp, Nisi Shawl, and others.

Another big project is the construction of "a comprehensive selection of links to SF/F and literary blogs, writers’ sites, websites, podcasts and other resources online." As part of this project, he's promoting an aggressive link exchange program "to give first priority to sites who are kind enough to link to my own." Er, hence this entry. :)
Tags: geekery, interviews, publishing, writing

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