Jason Erik Lundberg (jlundberg) wrote,
Jason Erik Lundberg

tweaks to zz.com completed

Work has finished for the Phase II redesign of ZoranZivkovic.com (Phase I was the initial set-up of the site/blog, and the transference of all the content from the old site). All of the older emails have now been translated into backdated entries. Lots of great photos (of awards ceremonies, of theatrical and film adaptations, of con appearances), including the one above taken by Nebojsa Babic for a Fame photoshoot last October.

I also set up a LiveJournal syndication (zoranzivkovic) for my LJ pals who want to add Zoran's blog entries to their f-list.

So if you haven't yet, go poke around ZZ.com and see what there is to see. It's pretty damn comprehensive at this point, but if there's anything you'd like to see added, or if something isn't working, or if I misspelled something, or whatever, feel free to let me know.

Now, go play!

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