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new/old review at irosf

Still dizzy, despite finally going to the doctor yesterday and getting some happy pills (for giddyness, which for some reason made me giggle) to settle down my inner ears. The doc actually couldn't see into my ears because of the wax build-up, so after coming back home, I very carefully tried to get out the worst offending stuff, and not go too deep with the q-tips. And eesh, the goop that came out of there. Seriously, I could have sculpted a life-sized version of myself with the earwax that I dug out of just the most exterior part of my ear canals.

Hopefully things will be a little better by Monday, and I won't be barfing all the way to Phuket.

In a complete change of topic, I have been remiss in directing y'all to my new/old review of Ted Chiang's The Merchant and the Alchemist's Gate in the shiny new issue of The Internet Review of Science Fiction. This review was originally published at the very short-lived Scalpel Magazine for about a week before the entire site was taken down. Thankfully, Bluejack thought it was good enough to resurrect.

The new issue also contains an interview with Lois McMaster Bujold, features and essays by Daniel M. Kimmel, Nader Elhefnawy, Carole Ann Moleti, Elizabeth Barrette, Ruth Nestvold, and Robert Bee, and other reviews by Flynn Gallagher, Joe Tokamak, and Lois Tilton. The editorial announces the staff addition of Stacey Janssen, who is now taking the lead as Managing Editor; congrats, Stacey, and welcome!
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