Jason Erik Lundberg (jlundberg) wrote,
Jason Erik Lundberg

online donations to the jamie bishop memorial scholarship fund

I had more than a few people asking me last week about ways that they could donate online to the Jamie Bishop Memorial Scholarship Fund at VT, and I had to tell them that I didn't know because I wasn't associated with it. The only information offered at that point was a physical address where to mail a check or cash donation.

But themarquisez did some research, and found out the following, which she posted in the comments of this entry:

Following up on what you've said here and also because I wanted to do something *positive* following this tragedy, I searched the Virginia Tech site for possible scholarships, funds, etc. They now do have a donations area, and it's called the Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. While I'm sure you know the site already, other readers here may not and the link can be found at: http://www.vt.edu/tragedy/memorial_fund.php. Specifically, if they go to that page and then click on the link under 'funds in honor or memory of the victims', that page will take them to another page where they can make donations online and *directly to* the Jamie Bishop Memorial Scholarship Fund (use the drop down menu off the donation page). I understand donations sent in without any designation to a particular fund will go to the larger Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund. Additionally, people can choose to make more than a one-time donation, if they so wish (and that's also on the online donation page), so it can be a recurring gift.

For people overseas, or just wishing to send in a credit card donation instead of a check, this is the place to go to donate directly to the Jamie Bishop Memorial Scholarship Fund. My thanks to themarquisez for bringing it to my attention.
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