Jason Erik Lundberg (jlundberg) wrote,
Jason Erik Lundberg

one of my best friends (updated)

I just got off the phone, and I can't stop crying. One of my best friends, Jamie Bishop, has died.

Janet told me about the shootings at Virginia Tech after I got out of the shower this morning, and after frantically searching through the online news outlets and blogs, it still wasn't clear if he was okay. It appeared to be his classroom that was hit by the gunman, but there was still a possibility he was just wounded.

I called his home phone several times, getting busy signals until I finally got through. A friend of Jamie's in Blacksburg answered and asked a few questions to make sure I wasn't from the media, and then confirmed the sad news.

Steffi has some friends there to console her, and Mike and Jeri Bishop are driving up right now from Georgia.

I can't believe this has happened.

If you have a moment today, please send good thoughts toward Steffi and Jamie's family.

Update: My tribute to Jamie is here.
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