June 22nd, 2008

Jason sepia


"Where the Hell is Matt? (2008)"

This video is goofy and wonderful, and made me cry unexpectedly. Dammit, I'm still crying just thinking about it. If I had to have insomnia tonight/this early morning, I'm glad that I got to see this.

(via samhenderson)
Jason sepia

zoran at facebook

I just realized that although I posted this on my Facebook profile, and on Zoran's blog, I forgot to mention it here. Sorry about that, folks.

I have created a Facebook fan page for award-winning Serbian author Zoran Zivkovic:


The page includes some minimal information, and some photos, and (more importantly) points people back toward his website. You can "become a fan," and interact with others who are also fans of Zoran's work. Hopefully, I’ll also be able to list upcoming events that Zoran will be involved with (conventions, festivals, book tours, etc.), so that Zoran's fans will be able to know about them in advance and try to attend.

Feel free to add your own photos and video of Zoran, write on the Wall, and start up topics in the discussion board. It’s highly interactive and social, and will hopefully give devotees of Zoran's work a place to gather and discuss both the man and his fiction.
Jason sepia

polyphony 7 table of contents

deborahlive has just posted the table of contents for Polyphony 7:

Polyphony 7, ed. by Deborah Layne and Forrest Aguirre
Publication date: November 1, 2008

  • "The Bravest Girl I Ever Knew" by Howard Waldrop
  • "Dr. Black at the Red Demon Temple" by Brendan Connell
  • "The Snow Queen" by Chris Clarke
  • "Strange Mammals" by Jason Erik Lundberg
  • "The Afterlife of Sorrow" by Mikal Trimm
  • "Breaker of Thresholds" by George Zebrowski
  • "The Seven Deadly Hotels" by Bruce Holland Rogers
  • "The Monster in the Field" by Steve Rasnic Tem
  • "There is Something So Quiet and Empty Inside of You that it Must be Precious" by Ben Peek
  • "A Problem in Five Clocks" by Stephen Bush
  • "Bear in Contradictory Landscape" by David J. Schwartz
  • "Automata" by Eric Schaller
  • "The Klepsydra" by Micheala Roessner
  • "Captain Kid" by Kristin Livdahl
  • "Loose Ends" by Jerry Oltion
  • "The Possibility of Love" by Stephanie Campisi
  • "Grief-Stepping to the Widower’s Waltz" by Ken Scholes
  • "A Sip From the Cup of Enlightenment" by Sarah Totton
  • "The Dust and the Red" by Darin C. Bradley
  • "A Joy Forever" by Celia Marsh
  • "The Heart of the Rail" by Mark Teppo
  • "Mirages" by Eric M. Witchey
  • "Avoiding the Cold War" by Josh Rountree


Why is November so far away?