June 4th, 2008

Jason sepia

happy magic thief day!

Today (or possibly yesterday, the time zones are still screwing me up) is the release day for The Magic Thief, first novel (in a trilogy) by my pal sarah_prineas, aka SarahP, aka The-Woman-Who-Loves-Calling-Me-a-Wombat. Unlike many of our mutual friends who've also announced the good news, I have not yet read the book, in manuscript or otherwise, but based on SarahP's other writings, it is sure to be full of kickassery, and probably a dragon or three.

By all accounts, it's also a beautiful book to behold and to hold in your hands, a book-as-artefact to caress and cuddle and name George if the mood suits you.

cynleitichsmith has posted a great interview with SarahP that explains a bit about the genesis and world of the book, and makes me want to get back to work on my own novel.

And HarperCollins has set up a highly interactive microsite for The Magic Thief that is an incredible amount of fun. (I turned out to be a raven in the Embero Spell Game.)

I'm not sure when the book will be arriving in Singapore, but I'll be snagging a copy when it does.

Yay and w00t and huzzah for SarahP!

photo ruthlessly stolen from gregvaneekhout, who spotted the book in the wild